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A Case of the Bleus

The fourth book in Korina Moss's entertaining Cheese Shop Mysteries has Team Cheese tracking down a rare cheese and a murderer!

Yarrow Glen is hosting the Northwest Cheese Invitational. And during this event, Willa and her former colleagues are gathering to honor their late boss, a man well-known for his valued and award-winning Church Bleu cheese. His passing means the recipe for this cheese might be gone forever, or did he, a man who loved puzzles, leave clues behind? Someone is willing to kill to get their hands on this info, leaving Willa and her crew to investigate more than one mystery.

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series, and I know I'm in for a treat with each new installment! Very well-written, with likable characters and a small-town Sonoma Valley setting that always feels like a charming escape. Willa and her crew have become more skilled in investigating the murders they are faced with, and their relationships are deepening. I enjoyed spending time with all the characters, but Mrs. Schultz especially stood out to me this time. She's as wise and perceptive as usual, but seeing her use her talents as a former drama teacher to help with the cases was fun, and she steals the show in one scene. Willa is down-to-earth and fun to sleuth along with. Some of the developments in this book have me curious to see where her romantic life is headed. The cheese and food descriptions are mouth-watering, and delicious recipes are included.

I enjoyed this delightful cozy! It’s a fun mystery to add to your Fall tbr! Fans of the series will definitely want to pick this up, but it works as a stand-alone too!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books for the gifted ARC.

My steep was Pomegranate Cranberry from The Whistling Kettle! A gift from a friend, I have been obsessed with this black tea flavored with pomegranate, cranberry, and raspberry. Delicious hot or iced!


What in the bleu blazes is happening in Yarrow Glen now?

Cheesemongers from across the Northwest have come to the Sonoma Valley for the Northwest Cheese Invitational. As owner of the local cheese shop, Curds & Whey, Willa Bauer loves it. The event showcases custom cheese creations, and it’s the perfect time to gather with old colleagues to honor her former boss, the late and grate cheese legend, Max Dumas. He was famous for journeying into the wild bleu yonder to where he aged his award-winning custom Church Bleu. Only Max knew the recipe and location to his beloved cheese, and many are eager to have these revealed at his will reading.

But instead of naming someone to inherit his cheese and its secrets, Max stuns everyone with one cryptic clue. When a fellow cheesemonger dies under mysterious circumstances––the woman they all thought would get the secrets to Max's prized possession––everyone falls under suspicion. Willa adores Church Bleu as much as the next cheese connoisseur, but it’s not to die for . Is a killer trying to get away with murder...and the cheese?

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