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A Cornish Seaside Murder

The sixth book in Fiona Leitch's is a great addition to her smart and entertaining Nosey Parker Mysteries!

Jodie "Nosey" Parker is a former Met police officer who left to become a caterer in a small Cornish village to give her daughter a different life. It did not stop her from getting involved in murder investigations in her new town. Now, she is in a trial period as an auxiliary Detective Sergeant, living and working alongside her partner, DCI Nathan Withers. The town is celebrating the local mermaid festival, complete with siren lore, when a fisherman drowns under suspicious circumstances. Jodie and Nathan track down a killer and discover something sinister just under the surface of their little community.

I love Leitch's witty and engaging writing, and always look forward to my annual visit to Cornwall to catch up with Jodie and her family! It did not disappoint! With Jodie working as an auxiliary DS this time, the book was a nice crossover between cozy mystery and procedural, with some fun mermaid and siren lore woven in. The humor and lovable, quirky characters are as charming as ever, and Jodie is one of the most relatable amateur sleuths around. Operating in a more professional investigative capacity, we see how Jodie's new role affects the dynamic with her family and Nathan and her struggles as a single mom juggling two jobs. No spoilers, but I enjoyed the times Jodie contemplates what a return to law enforcement looks and feels like to her. Well-plotted and quickly paced with a slightly darker tone from previous books in the series, this one is twisty, and I did not guess what was happening until it was revealed! I highly recommend this excellet addition to a series that cozy mystery lovers should definitely check out!

Thank you to NetGalley, Harper Collins UK One More Chapter, and the author for the opportunity to review this ARC.

My steep was iced Raspberry Black Tea by Adagio Teas with a twist of lime!


A Siren's call… to murder

Former Met police officer Jodie' Nosey' Parker is working a trial period as an auxiliary Detective Sergeant with the Penstowan police force. But living and working alongside DCI Nathan Withers – while still trying to grow her catering company – brings its own challenges, especially when Jodie's attention is quickly taken up by the suspicious drowning of a local fisherman.

While tourists and locals alike are falling under the spell of the annual mermaid festival with its captivating legends of Sirens luring fishermen to their deaths, Jodie and Nathan fear they may have found themselves in the middle of a very real – and very dangerous – turf war. As the casualties start to stack up, they must face the likelihood that something sinister has been going on under their noses for some time…

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