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A Good Day to Pie

Misha Popp delivers anew cozy with pies that are literally to die for!

Audiobook review: A Good Day to Pie by Misha Popp and narrated by Tanya Eby. Book 2 in the Pies Before Guys Mysteries.

Daisy Ellery is a vigilante. A vigilante baker with a fabulous vintage wardrobe, actually. She is a witch who bakes magic into her pies and uses this talent in various ways, including running Pies Before Guys. In this specialty shop, she bakes murder into the pies of irredeemably bad men who have done women seriously wrong.

In this second book of the series, Daisy enters a televised baking competition similar to the Great British Baking Show. She's also been hired to deliver a murder pie in the area as soon as filming has ended. To her surprise, her intended victim is one of the show judges. When he is murdered before she delivers the pie, Daisy must find out who did him in and if they plan to reveal her secret too.

Such a darkly delicious and fun series! Although you do not need to have read the first one to read this. Fast-paced with memorable characters, especially the stylish, magical, and morally gray Daisy. I loved the baking show plot with its large suspect pool, behind-the-scenes drama, fantastic desserts, and several laughs! Tonya Eby's excellent narration brought this to life and added to this cozy mystery's edginess. Bubbling over with magical realism and red herrings, this is well-written with superb narration, and I thoroughly enjoyed this! Cannot wait for book 3!

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for the opportunity to review this ALC.

And Steep Topaz from A caramel apple oolong with hints of cinnamon and pear.


Daisy bakes a little murder into every pie she creates, and she and her dog, Zoe, deliver them to the town’s worst cads. Now, Daisy’s entered a televised, elimination-style competition and has a shot at $100k in prize money—but she still has a murder pie to deliver between filming.

In a completely unexpected turn of events, she discovers that her intended victim is one of the competition judges, and he turns up dead before the pie even arrives. Now, Daisy has to solve the murder—even if it means working a bit of magic—before someone calls foul play and exposes her murderous secret.

For anyone who’s ever fantasized about the world of competitive baking à la The Great British Bake Off—or has ever dreamed of getting back at that guy who wronged them years ago— Popp's culinary cozy series is as alluring as a perfectly baked pie. This edgy yet utterly charming novel takes the idea of “a dessert to die for” to a whole new level.

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