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A Murder Most French

Who knew how much I'd love Julia Child in a murder mystery? Colleen Gleason did!

After loving Mastering the French Art of Murder last year, I eagerly anticipated this follow-up, and it did not disappoint! This delightful series is set in post-WWII Paris and features Tabitha, an American living in France who is learning to cook from her friend, Julia Child, a student at Le Cordon Bleu. Tabitha also finds herself doing some amateur sleuthing along the way.

I love Cambridge's writing style, and this is a well-paced and well-plotted mystery that is fun to read. The series has a beautiful setting, and the historical elements are fascinating. Through Tabitha's experiences, we see post-war Paris through the eyes of a newcomer. In this book, we explore the catacombs, visit the markets and cooking demonstrations, learn about valuable wines, and discover more about what happened during the occupation.

One of the things that makes a mystery series for me is the characters and how they become more multi-faceted as the books go on. This series has some that were wonderful and quirky right out of the gate but are even more delightful in this story, especially Julia Child. Cambridge has captured her energy and spirit so well that she steals every scene she is in. She provides cooking tips, and the food she whips up is mouthwatering! Tabitha is a likable sleuth, inquisitive, bright, and resourceful. She lives with her French grandfather and his companion "Oncle" Rafe, two very charming gentlemen, and then there's the intriguing Inspector Merveille. I love the dynamic among this core group and cannot wait to read more of the adventures that await them!

Thank you to Kensington Books and Netgalley for the free book!

My steep was Mont Blanc Tea from Angelina Paris

Black tea with papaya, apple and aromas of maple, orange blossom, and toffee caramel.


 The City of Light is surging back to life in the wake of war, and its citizens are seizing every opportunity to raise a glass or share a delicious meal. But as American ex-pat Tabitha Knight and chef-in-training Julia Child discover, celebrations can quickly go awry when someone has murder in mind . . .

Set in midcentury Paris and starring Julia Child’s fictional best friend, this magnifique reimagining of the iconic chef’s years at Le Cordon Bleu blends a delicious murder mystery with a unique culinary twist.

The graceful domes of Sacré Coeur, the imposing cathedral of Notre Dame, the breathtaking Tour Eiffel . . . Paris is overflowing with stunning architecture. Yet for Tabitha Knight, the humble building that houses the Cordon Bleu cooking school, where her friend Julia studies, is just as notable. Tabitha is always happy to sample Julia’s latest creation and try to recreate dishes for her Grand-père and Oncle Rafe.

The legendary school also holds open demonstrations, where the public can see its master chefs at work. It’s a treat for any aspiring cook—until one of the chefs pours himself a glass of wine from a rare vintage bottle—and promptly drops dead in front of Julia, Tabitha, and other assembled guests. It’s the first in a frightening string of poisonings that turns grimly personal when cyanide-laced wine is sent to someone very close to Tabitha.

What kind of killer chooses such a means of murder, and why? Tabitha and Julia hope to find answers in order to save innocent lives—not to mention a few exquisite vintages—even as their investigation takes them through some of the darkest corners of France’s wartime past . . .  

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