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An Atmospheric Gothic Murder Mystery Audiobook

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

B.R. Myers eerie and engrossing historical mystery brought to life by Olivia Vinall

I loved the audiobook of A Dreadful Splendor by B.R. Myers!

A Gothic murder mystery set in Victorian London, it hit all the right notes for an atmospheric, suspenseful, and spooky listen.

Genevieve Timmons is a fake spiritualist who survives by defrauding mourning families who have hired her to conduct seances. Jailed and facing the gallows, she is unexpectedly released after agreeing to conduct a sham seance for a grieving nobleman who lost his fiance the night before their wedding, and if things go well, she may earn her freedom. However, once Genevieve arrives at Somerset Park estate, she learns that the handsome nobleman suspects his fiance was murdered. He then enlists Genevieve's help to unmask a killer among them, and they are not at a loss for suspects. Genevieve knows ghosts aren't real but frightening occurrences, and spooked household staff talking about a curse have her wondering if, perhaps this time, she is genuinely dealing with the supernatural.

Narrator Olivia Vinall adds to the emotion, dread, and suspense through her mesmerizing portrayal of the spirited and resourceful Genevieve. Her performance also brings to life multiple characters with different attributes and accents and the creepy house. She is excellent!

This engrossing period mystery brims with an eerie Gothic moodiness, betrayals, suspicions, romance, and ghosts. It was well-written, twisty, and so much fun! Thank you so much to Netgalley and Harper Audio for the opportunity to review this Advanced Listener Copy. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Publication date for this is August 23, 2022 and you'll want to add it to your fall and spooky season reading lists!

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