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An Enchanting Case Of Spirits

A delightful debut from Melissa Holtz!

Thank you to Berkley Publishing for the free book and for inviting me on this tour!

An Enchanting Case of Spirits is the debut novel by Melissa Holtz, and it is out today!


Alyssa Mann isn't adventurous, not since her husband died and she found herself the single mom of a teenage daughter. But there's no way to avoid celebrating the big 4-0, so when her best friends drag her out for drinks and a tarot reading, she throws caution to the wind and decides to see what the spirits have to say. It's all fun and games, until she wakes up the next morning with a wicked hangover—and a ghost perched on the edge of her bed.

Sheer panic sends her running to get help from Nick West, the (very attractive) detective who lives next door. When he finds no one inside, Alyssa has to accept that she really did see a ghost. As the dearly departed keep appearing, Alyssa and her friends do their best to learn how to control her newfound power. Trading insults with ghosts, tracking down family heirlooms, and getting closer to the skeptical but helpful Nick is more fun than Alyssa imagined. But when looking into one ghost's past reveals unexpected—and unwelcome—facts about Alyssa's late husband's death, she discovers she may be in over her head.


This debut novel was a fun blend of paranormal mystery and romance that read a lot like a cozy. Compelling characters, a town with secrets, snarky ghosts, and the unexpected romance between Alyssa and Nick kept me hooked. The book also delves into deeper themes like grief and loss, but the overall tone is lighthearted and humorous. The ghosts made me laugh, and the love interest, Nick, was undeniably swoon-worthy. The friendships depicted were heartwarming and lent a found family vibe. I liked the author's writing style and thought it was an enjoyable, fast-paced, and entertaining read. The end left me wondering if this might become a series. Count me in if that happens! Holtz is an author to watch!

My steep was Black Onyx from Club Magic Hour a toffee and cocoa herbal with adaptogens.

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