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Ashes to Ashes, Crust to Crust

The second book in author Mindy Quigley's Deep Dish Mystery series is even more delicious than the first!

Delilah is fresh off a breakup and trying to keep her gourmet pizzeria afloat in beautiful Geneva Bay, Wisconsin. Winning the local culinary contest would help her bottom line. But, before she can entirely focus on her entry, she must investigate the murder of a man who drank a tainted smoothie at her rival's smoothie bar. And her rival happens to be none other than the new woman in her ex's life.

I was so excited to read this, and it did not disappoint! The debut book in this series was strong, but this one is even better. A fast-paced mystery with a layered plot, humor, plenty of clues and red herrings, and a few twists, this was thoroughly entertaining from start to finish. I love these characters, who are full of personality and vividly written—especially Delilah, who makes me laugh with her funny internal dialogue and one-liners. The recipes at the end are presented from the POV of several of the side characters and are such a fun (and delicious) touch! Another fun aspect is the history of the building Delilah's restaurant occupies. It was formerly a mob hangout and is an ongoing source of unpredictable and dicey revelations. Even the handsome detective has the last name Capone, as in he's related to Al Capone. Can't wait to read the next one!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to review this ARC. I loved it!

My steep was Moroccan Mint by The Tea Spot, a smoky gunpowder green tea with spearmint.


Ashes to Ashes, Crust to Crust is the second book in Mindy Quigley's delectable Deep Dish Mystery series, set in a Wisconsin pizzeria.

Newly single pizzeria owner Delilah O'Leary is determined to keep her restaurant afloat in the picturesque resort town of Geneva Bay, Wisconsin. To boost her bottom line, she sets her sights on winning the hefty cash prize in the town's annual "Taste of Wisconsin" culinary contest. In her corner, she's got her strong-willed, "big-boned" cat Butterball, her wisecracking BFF, her cantankerous great-aunt, and a nearly -flawless recipe for Pretzel Crust Deep-Dish Bratwurst Pizza. But while Delilah and her team have been focused on pumping out perfect pizza pies, her ex-fiancé has cozied up to a new squeeze, juice bar owner Jordan Watts―Delilah's contest rival

When one of Jordan's juice bar customers is poisoned by a tainted smoothie, Delilah lands deep in the sauce. Accusations fly, suspects abound, and a menacing stranger turns up with a beef over some missing dough. Between kale-juicing hipsters and grudge-bearing celebrity chefs, Delilah must act quickly before another one bites the crust.

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