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Broadway Butterfly


Thank you to TLC Book Tours, Sara Divello, and Amazon Publishing for my spot on this tour and beautiful gifted copy of Broadway Butterfly!

Out now!

I enjoyed this so much that I now plan to read lots more historical true crime! Based on the actual 1923 unsolved murder of a Manhattan "It Girl" named Dot King, this is a stunning debut novel from Sara Divello, who has clearly done extensive research. Well-written, detailed and fascinating, this reads like a true crime/historical fiction/mystery crossover. I loved the characters, especially Julia, the reporter who wouldn't give up trying to get justice for Dot. Her determination in a male-dominated profession was impressive. Murder, corruption, and glamour collide with social issues, including racism, class, and misogyny, all of which Divello examines as she brings Dot's story back into the spotlight.


New York in the Roaring Twenties—a riveting true-crime novel, based on one of the most notorious unsolved murders of the era, where power, politics, and secrets conspire to bury the truth.

Manhattan, 1923. Scandalous flapper Dot King is found dead in her Midtown apartment, a bottle of chloroform beside her and a fortune in jewels missing. Dot's headline-making murder grips the city. It also draws a clutch of lovers, parasites, and justice seekers into one of the city's most mesmerizing mysteries.

Among them: Daily News crime reporter Julia Harpman, chasing the story while navigating a male-dominated industry; righteous NYPD detective John D. Coughlin, struggling against city corruption; and Ella Bradford, the victim's Harlem maid, closest confidante, and keeper of secrets. Adding fuel to the already volatile crime: a politically connected Philadelphia socialite, an Atlantic City bootlegger, Dot's dicey gigolo lover, a sultry Broadway dancer, and a cagey sugar daddy guarding secrets of his own.

From Broadway's glittering lights to its sordid underbelly to the machinations of the country's most powerful men, Julia embarks on a quest for justice. What she discovers, twist after breathtaking twist, might be even more nefarious than murder.

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