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Curds of Prey

Korina Moss delivers another stellar installment of her Cheese Shop Mysteries!

I was so excited to get this ARC! I loved the first two books in The Cheese Shop Mysteries series and had been looking forward to this book for months. It did not disappoint! This series started strong, yet it continues to get better and better.

Willa Bauer owns a French-inspired cheese shop in California's lush Sonoma Valley region. She is excited to provide the cheese bar at the social event of the season, the wedding shower of a well-to-do bride and the mayor's nephew. But when Roman, the man Willa has just started dating, fights with the groom at a tasting and then shows up again at the bridal shower, Willa learns he is the bride's ex. Making matters worse, Willa finds the groom dead, and the mayor asks Willa to investigate his murder.

Very well-written with plenty of suspects and motives, this book left me questioning everyone at some point. I found Willa's juggling her business and a murder investigation while dealing with her emotions toward Roman compelling. The mystery was intriguing, with a few twists, mild suspense, and a satisfying conclusion.

While the story is excellent and the setting charming, what I enjoy most about this book (and the series) is the characters. Willa is a likable, charming, observant sleuth who has a lovable group of friends supporting her and the investigations. Spending time with them is warm and inviting. As usual, my favorite is Baz. He's a rock-solid friend to Willa, always willing to lend a hand, and I love their dynamic. In addition, the cheese descriptions in the book leave me craving cheese and making a list of new ones to try! Works fine as a stand-alone, but I highly recommend the entire series. Bingeable and great fun, cozy mystery readers will enjoy this! I cannot wait for book four!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the opportunity to review this ARC. I loved it!

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