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Up for some armchair travel? Grab the latest in Paige Shelton's Scottish Bookshop Mysteries!

Fateful Words is the 8th installment in NYT Bestselling author Paige Shelton's charming Scottish Bookshop Mysteries, and I really enjoyed this one!

Delaney Nichol's boss, the owner of The Cracked Spine bookstore, is out of town for some mysterious reason. Delaney is left to host the Edinburgh literary tour he usually guides. On the first night of the tour, the inn manager falls off the roof of the building and dies. Or was he pushed? Then one of the tour members disappears. Delaney is in a race against the clock, deciphering clues while keeping the tour of Edinburgh's sights running.

The world-building in this is fantastic! Shelton takes you on an armchair travel adventure to Scotland and shows you several famous landmarks. Bibliophiles will love all the literary references, including the fun touch where Delaney's intuition guides her via famous quotes/authors. Delaney is a likable and intelligent sleuth, a girl from Kansas who has moved to Scotland, and we get to appreciate Scotland through her eyes. The supporting characters are delightful, though this installment has us out and about in Edinburgh more than in the bookshop. No complaints, though! I loved learning about all the famous sites like the Sir Walter Scott monument and the Edinburgh Underground Vaults. I so enjoy Shelton's writing, and this one is well-plotted and paced, with more than one mysteries to solve and some mild danger. I'll keep traveling with Shelton to Scotland as long as she keeps writing these books!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books for the opportunity to review this ARC. I enjoyed it!

My steep was Whiskey Rebellion Tea from Oliver Pluff Tea Co. A black tea aged in whiskey barrels with notes of bourbon and caramel.


In Fateful Words, the eighth Scottish Bookshop Mystery from beloved author Paige Shelton, bookseller Delaney Nichols stakes her reputation—and her life—when a literary tour turns deadly...

When Edwin, Delaney’s boss at the Cracked Spine bookstore, leaves town on secret business, Delaney is called upon to guide his yearly literary tour around Edinburgh. But on the first night of the tour, at the inn where the tour group is staying, the inn manager falls—or is pushed—off the roof of the inn, and killed. Then, one of the tour members disappears, leaving a trail of puzzles in her wake.

In a race against the clock, Delaney sets out on the expedition of her life, following clues around Edinburgh to get to the bottom of this mystery. Exploring sights from Greyfriars Bobby to the Royal Mile to the Sir Walter Scott Monument, she'll have to put the pieces together quickly, or the bookstore's survival could be on the well as her own.

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