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Hello Stranger

Being a huge Katherine Center fan, I expected this to be a fantastic read, but it took my breath away!

Hello Stranger introduces us to portrait artist Sadie Montgomery and prosopagnosia, or face-blindness. Sadie is a struggling artist who earns a spot in a prestigious portrait competition, one that could be her lucky break. However, Sadie needs surgery, and it cannot be put off. When she wakes up, she cannot see faces anymore, not even those of people she's known for years. She is diagnosed with prosopagnosia, which throws a major wrench into the competition and her life. And that's all I'm going to say about the plot. Part of this book's magic is how Center has the reader sorting things out alongside Sadie.

I devoured this! The unique plot and the unforgettable characters, particularly the kind and very relatable Sadie, pulled me in immediately. I was at turns laughing, crying, cheering, mad and swooning, and always deeply invested. Even though handled with a light touch, this book makes you think as Center addresses some big themes, including how we often dismiss or take in pieces of information and validate our various opinions, including how we “see” others.

Center is an amazing writer, and this is a captivating, magical book and so full of heart. Center says in her Author's Note that romances bring anticipation and hope, and "this love story really created fantastic anticipation." And I couldn’t agree more!

Huge thanks to St. Martin's Press, Katherine Center, and NetGalley for the early invitation to review this ARC! I loved it!

Publication Date is July 11, 2023

My steep was Bel Ami (good friend) tea by Mariage Freres. A black tea and rooibos blend flavored with vanilla, flower petals and pomegranate.

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