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How We Disappear: Novella & Stories

Tara Lynn Masih delivers a beautiful and haunting collection of stories on the theme of "disappearing." I won't soon forget this one!

How We Disappear Novella & Stories by Tara Lynn Masih

Absolutely stunning! I can only describe this collection as lyrical, emotional, and haunting. I was left with a lot to contemplate, as the stories are beautiful and multifaceted. Masih is a gifted and award-winning writer, and this collection showcased the breadth of styles and genres she excels at and the moving voices of the diverse characters and landscapes she brings forth. Each story has its own unique tone and POV for examining the vastness and intimacy of " disappearing." From the overlooked to those who leave or are taken and those left behind. Particularly poignant to me were the stories about a facial recognition expert searching for a missing girl, Agatha Christie's life told in fragments, a woman who travels to post-war Belgium to visit her father's grave, and a woman from NYC who meets a man who swiftly changes her life. And then there was the novella I did not want to end, which genuinely hit me emotionally.

Sincere thanks to Tara Lynn Masih for gifting me a copy of this beautiful ARC. I very much enjoyed it, and the cover is gorgeous!

Publication Date is September 13, 2022


In How We Disappear, award-winning author Tara Lynn Masih offers readers transporting and compelling stories of those taken, those missing, and those neither here nor gone-runaways, exiles, wanderers, ghosts, even the elusive Dame Agatha Christie. From the remote Siberian taiga to the harsh American frontier, from rural Long Island to postwar Belgium, Masih's characters are diverse in identity and circumstance, defying the burden of erasure by disappearing into or emerging from physical and emotional landscapes. Described as "masterful" and as "striking and resonant" (Publishers Weekly), Masih's fiction, crossing boundaries between historical and contemporary, sparks with awareness that nothing and no one is ever gone for good-and that the wilderness is never quite behind us.

My steep was also gifted by the author! It was Twinings Lemon Ginger Herbal and paired so well with the book!

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