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NY Times bestselling author Nora Roberts delivers in this new paranormal ghost story!

Sonya, a graphic designer fresh off the break up of her engagement, learns her late father had a twin brother he never knew about. This uncle, whom she never met, leaves her a large inheritance, including a large haunted Victorian house on the Maine coast. The will stipulates she must live there for three years. Sonya decides to look into the mystery of her father's twin, so she moves in and lives among the ghosts, eventually learning there is a family curse.

I am a big Nora Roberts fan, and this did not disappoint! Roberts is a fantastic storyteller across multiple genres, including romance, suspense, mystery, and fantasy. This book has all of those rolled into one bingable read! With its intriguing paranormal premise, strong and resilient FMC, and atmospheric gothic vibes, this grabbed me right from the start.

Compelling and suspenseful, I was as invested as Sonya in uncovering the secrets of her haunted mansion and family curse. Rounding out the unsettling ghost story was a swoony romance, heartwarming found family connections, and Sonya rebuilding her life after heartbreak. Roberts always writes vivid characters that stick with me, as do their relationships, and this was no exception. Even the ghosts have strong personalities, and I especially loved Sonya's best friend, Cleo. This is perfect for curling up with on a Fall/Winter night.

This is the first book in a trilogy, and I cannot wait for the next two!!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for the gifted ARC!


My steep was Soulmate Chocolate Raspberry Rose black tea from Club Magic Hour!

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