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Locked In Pursuit

Ashley Weaver adds another fantastic story to her Electra McDonnell series!

Set in WWII London, this mystery series follows Electra "Ellie," a woman from a locksmithing family who turned to crime to survive but was caught and recruited by the British government to use their unconventional skills to help the war effort in exchange for avoiding prosecution. Ellie teams up with handsome but aloof Major Ramsey on a series of cases. This time, they are investigating a series of burglaries and a suspicious death that have ties to an espionage ring. This is book four in the series, but it works as a stand-alone. 

One of my most anticipated May reads, this did not disappoint! Weaver's writing is fantastic, and the story is compelling. I was hooked from the start and could not put this book down! 

Ellie is a standout character. She has faced some morally grey decisions as WWII rages on, and this time, she has to straddle the fence a bit on both sides of the law. A very well-developed character, she is good under pressure, has some unusual skills, is quick-witted and brave, and has a heart of gold. You cannot help but root for her. In addition to the primary mystery, she has been investigating the crime that left her orphaned and faces emotional upheaval at what she uncovers. She and Major Ramsey have chemistry and a romantic tension they've been trying to fight, but their dynamic is delightfully shifting. We also get more of Major Ramsey's backstory and are introduced to his twin sister, Noelle, who was a great addition to the cast. 

The world-building is excellent, with historical detail that puts you in the heart of the action. This story was a bit more character-driven this time, but still, the mystery is layered and suspenseful and keeps you guessing. A gem of a book in an entertaining series, I loved this! I highly recommend it to mystery and historical fiction lovers alike! 

Thank you to St. Martin's Press Minotaur Books for the free book!

My steep was Lady Lavender from The Tea Spot -- an Earl Grey base with lavender, vanilla, and orange peel


The fourth instalment in the delightful series following safecracker Electra McDonnell fighting Nazis at every turn as World War II looms over London.

Safecracker Ellie McDonnell  hasn’t seen Major Ramsey―her handsome but aloof handler in the British government―since their tumultuous mission together three months before, but when she hears about a suspicious robbery in London she feels compelled to contact him. Together they discover that a rash of burglaries in the city all lead back to a hotbed of spies in the neutral  city Lisbon, Portugal, and an unknown object brought to London by a mysterious courier.

As the thieves become more desperate and their crimes escalate, it becomes imperative that Ellie and Ramsey must beat them at their own game. Fighting shadowy assailants, enemy agents, and the mutual attraction they’ve agreed not to acknowledge, Ellie and Ramsey work together to learn if it truly takes a thief to catch a thief.

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