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Mrs. Claus and the Trouble with Turkeys

Liz Ireland is back with the fourth book in her wildly imaginative Mrs. Claus Mysteries!

April uprooted her life in Oregon to marry Nick, who is the actual Santa Claus. After moving to Santaland in the North Pole, she becomes an amateur sleuth in addition to her duties as Mrs. Claus. This time, the residents of Santaland are enthusiastically preparing to celebrate their first Thanksgiving when Santa's cousin Elspeth is poisoned, and fingers are pointed at April.

I have been looking forward to this one, and it did not disappoint! With excellent world-building and such an original premise, this whimsical series is one of my faves. The setting is magical--as charming as you would expect Santaland to be, and at the same time, the mysteries make these books a fresh take on the imaginary North Pole.

Fast-paced and solidly plotted, this is a well-written mystery with just the slightest edge and all the holiday spirit, and kept me guessing right to the end! The characters are memorable and quirky. April is a likable sleuth, and the elves have a range of vividly depicted personalities, including those with criminal tendencies.

The books take place during different holidays; this time, it's Thanksgiving, complete with family drama, a missing turkey, the stress of getting everything ready, and a parade that doesn't quite end up like the ones on TV. The story is fun and filled with clever details, misadventures, witty dialogue, and humor. Super cozy and imaginative, I loved this! Mystery lovers or anyone looking for a fun seasonal read should check this out!

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to review this ARC.

My steep was Spiced Cranberry Joy by Steve's Tea from my September Amoda Tea Subscription box. An herbal blend with rooibos, cranberry pieces, rose hips, lime leaves, and cinnamon. A delicious tea for the holidays!


At Castle Kringle, the elves are excitedly arranging their first ever Thanksgiving day feast. April's husband, Nick—the real Santa—has some misgivings, since it's tough to get ready for Christmas when everyone is obsessed with helium balloons and pie recipes. Chaos erupts when Gobbles, the live turkey imported for the castle feast, is bird-napped. That crime is quickly overshadowed at a pre-Thanksgiving potluck when Nick's cousin, Elspeth, face-plants into her mashed potatoes—dead.

Someone poisoned Elspeth, and April believes Constable Crinkle is hauling the wrong suspect off to jail. An ominous message, written in what seems to be blood and urging April to stop investigating, only convinces her more. But who's really to blame? Where is Gobbles the turkey? And can April solve a double helping of mystery in time for everyone to sit down to a non-deadly dinner together?

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