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Murder and Mamon

The fourth book in Mia P. Manansala's Tita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery series is delightful!

Lila Macapagal's godmothers, April, Mae, and June (affectionately known as the Calender Crew), are opening a laundromat, and to add to the excitement, April's neice Divina is visiting from the Philippines. But things take a turn when Divina is found dead, and the laundromat is vandalized with a message painted on the floor. But was the message for Divina or the Calender Crew, who are known to gossip? With things hitting so close to home, Lila decides to help the police solve the case.

I have read this series since it first came out and look forward to each new installment! Mansala's writing style draws you in immediately, and her storytelling keeps you engaged until the end. Her characters are memorable and diverse. I love the representation of Filipino culture in these books. Spending time with Lila, her friends, and her family in Shady Palms is always fun.

Lila has sharpened her investigative skills across the series, and she's now more confident as a sleuth. The mystery is cleverly plotted, with enough clues, misdirection, and twists to keep you guessing right alongside her.

And this culinary cozy's food and drink descriptions are utterly mouth-watering. Food and family always play a big role in these books. One of the things Manansala does so well is to show food as a means of connection—the characters bond and care for one another through food preparation, presentation, traditions, and sharing. And many of the characters, including Lila, make their living through food. Lila also often bakes or experiments with recipes while thinking over a case. And the books close with several delicious recipes.

An entertaining, food-filled (and fueled) whodunnit mystery lovers will want to add to their tbr! And what a great cover!

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for the gifted ARC!

My steep was Zhena's Original Coconut Chai from Club Magic Hour. A blend of puerh and black tea with traditional chai spices with coconut! It's delish!


When murder mars the grand opening for Lila Macapagal's aunties' new laundromat, she will have to air out all the dirty laundry in Shady Palms to catch a killer…

Lila Macapagal's godmothers April, Mae, and June—AKA the Calendar Crew—are celebrating the opening of their latest joint business venture, a new laundromat, to much fanfare (and controversy). However, what should've been a joyous occasion quickly turns into a tragedy when they discover the building has been vandalized—and the body of Ninang April's niece, recently arrived from the Philippines, next to a chilling message painted on the floor. The question is, was the message aimed at the victim or Lila's gossipy godmothers, who have not-so-squeaky-clean reputations?

With Ninang April falling apart from grief and little progress from the Shady Palms Police Department in this slippery case, it's up to Lila and her network to find justice for the young woman.

The Calendar Crew have stuck their noses into everybody's business for years, but now the tables are turned as Lila must pry into the Calendar Crew's lives to figure out who has a vendetta against the (extremely opinionated yet loving) aunties and stop them before they strike again.

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