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Murder at the Majestic Hotel

Historical mystery lovers are in for a treat with Clara McKenna's latest!

Murder at the Majestic Hotel by Clara McKenna is the delightful fourth installment in Stella and Lyndy Mystery series.

In Edwardian England in 1905, Stella is an American heiress, or "Dollar Princess," who has just married cash-poor British aristocrat Lyndy, giving her the title Lady Lyndhurst. Fortunately, theirs is a love match, and they are setting out on what should be the perfect honeymoon, seeing the sights in York and staying at the Majestic Hotel. But, when they arrive, they find their honeymoon suite has been given away to the owner of England's largest confectionary. Unfortunately, the man dies overnight in the room that was supposed to have been theirs. Noting several irregularities and seeing the authorities write it off as an accident, Stella decides to investigate.

Beautifully written, this is brimming with period detail and scenic descriptions of ancient cathedrals and the York City Walls that date back to Roman times. The hotel, its employees, and guests are all vividly depicted. The well-plotted mystery keeps you guessing with red herrings and twists and an intriguing subplot based on actual events (the author's note is really interesting.)

There's and engaging combination of mystery and romance. Stella and Lindy have a charming relationship. He rightly adores her and trusts her instincts. I plan to go back and read how it all began for them. Stella is spirited, intelligent, and kind, making her a likable amateur sleuth. She reminded me a little of a cross between Cora from Downton Abbey and Scarlet from Miss Scarlet and The Duke, but she also has a fresh voice all her own. I loved her!

Looking forward to reading more of Stella and Lyndy's adventures! Cozy and historical mystery lovers, I think you'll enjoy this one!

Thank you to the author Clara McKenna for gifting me a signed copy of her lovely book!

Publication date is October 25, 2022, from Kensington Books.

My steep was Darjeeling Princeton by Mariage Freres, described as "a brisk, flowery tea, perfect for five o'clock tea."


Against all expectations in Edwardian England, newly married American heiress Stella Kendrick and British aristocrat Viscount “Lyndy” Lyndhurst are bucking traditions—and investigating murder—on their honeymoon . . .

Leaving behind tragedies surrounding their wedding at Morrington Hall, travel-worn Stella and Lyndy arrive at the grand Majestic Hotel in York to more misfortune—their stately honeymoon suite has been given away to Horace Wingrove, owner of England’s largest confectionery. Stella refuses to let an innocent booking mistake spoil the mood, but her optimism vanishes when Horace suffocates in the room where she and Lyndy should have stayed . . .

Unlike authorities on the scene, Stella can’t believe the business magnate’s death can be explained away as an accident. Troubling signs are everywhere—strange murmurs in the hallway, tight-lipped hotel staff, and a stolen secret recipe for Wingrave’s famous chocolate. Then there are Horace’s murky intentions for visiting the historic cathedral city, and those who were closely watching his every move . . .

As Stella and Lyndy tour Yorkshire and mingle with royals as husband and wife, they face a sinister mystery that puts their vows to the test. Can the couple work together to discover the truth about their romantic destination and the strange happenings haunting their trip before they’re treated to another terrifying surprise?

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