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Murder at the Pumpkin Pageant

The fourth book in Darci Hannah's A Beacon Bakeshop Mysteries series is an engaging Halloween whodunnit!

Lindsey has renovated an old lighthouse into her home and bakery. It's Halloween, the festivities are starting, and Lindsey is baking up lots of pumpkin-flavored treats! Everyone knows Lindsey's lighthouse is haunted, and this year, a group of teenagers has tried to break in to get a peek at her ghost. Lindsey has also reluctantly agreed to let her best friend do her podcast from the lighthouse with professional ghost hunters in tow. But things go sideways when they all stumble upon a fresh corpse in Lindsey's yard.

What an entertaining series, and it's quickly becoming a fave! The atmosphere in these books is so fun, with a lighthouse bakery setting that is charming and cozy despite being haunted--although this seems to be a fairly friendly ghost! The food always sounds delicious, Lindsey is likable, and the secondary characters are fantastic, from Lindsey's mom, a former well-known model, to Lindsey's hunky boyfriend to her perceptive and precious Newfoundland pup. The story was well-written, with good pacing and an intriguing plot, including some danger, shenanigans, humorous dialogue, and enough red herrings that I was kept guessing until close to the end. I loved all the Fall vibes and Halloween fun, and the book included several delicious recipes, many for yummy pumpkin treats! Cozy mystery lovers and anyone looking for a charming mix of murder, ghosts, cute dogs, and amazing food will want to add to your Fall tbr!

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to review this ARC. I loved it!

My steep was Evening in Missoula Herbal from Montana Tea & Spice. This was recommended to me by my friend @phillygirlsbookclub and it's a delicious blend with chamomile, lavender, lemon peel, peppermint, spearmint, rosehips, stevia, and vanilla. It's comforting and sweet and good hot or iced!


Lindsey prefers to keep her bakeshop's Halloween decor light and autumnal, rather than gruesome and ghoulish. But everyone knows her lighthouse home is haunted. Some intrepid teens have even tried to break in to witness the resident ghost themselves. Dreading Halloween night, Lindsey reluctantly allows her influencer and podcaster best friend, Kennedy, to host a live ghost hunting investigation in the lighthouse, conducted by a professional team. Protective of her ghost, Lyndsey is understandably nervous about what they might uncover . . .

The segment is uneventful—until things take a terrifying turn. The team freaks out. As Kennedy joins the mad dash outside, she bumps into what looks like the prankster teens' creepy clown costume hanging from a tree. But when Lindsey's dog, Wellington, begins to whine, they make a grim discovery: the clown is no dummy. It's a corpse.

Now Lindsey and company will need to keep their cool if they want a ghost of a chance to solve the murder—and see another Halloween . . .

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