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Murder in a Cup

The second book in Lauren Elliott's charming Crystals and CuriosiTEAS Mystery series is every bit as fun as the first!

Murder in a Cup by Lauren Elliott is the second book in the charming Crystals and CuriosiTEAS Mystery series and is every bit as fun as the first!

Gemologist Shay is settling into running her inherited New Age tea shop, growing herbs for tea blends, and learning to hone her gifts as a seer. Her friend Liam's psychic Gran is visiting from Ireland and encourages Shay to do a group reading, which ends in a murder, with Shay's tea shop and one of her employees coming under suspicion. So, Shay must track down the real culprit while processing her own major family drama.

I enjoyed the first book in this series. And book two is a fun and twisty mystery as well! Set in California on the beautiful Monterey Peninsula, the world-building is excellent, with a charming setting that is also a bit mysterious, thanks to the magic in the air and the New Age vibe. I like Elliott's writing style; this was well-paced and plotted and kept me guessing, with a few surprises along the way.

Shay discovers she is a descendant of a famous Irish witch from long ago, and seeing how Shay's psychic gifts play into her sleuthing is interesting. I look forward to seeing where the storylines about Shay's magical lineage are headed in future books!

The tea shop and town inhabitants are vividly depicted. I love the addition of Liam's Gran to the cast; she is delightful and teaches Shay about Irish folklore, the fae, and Shay's lineage and gifts. Hopefully, she's a permanent addition! The character development and relationships among the core group are progressing, and I enjoyed spending time with them. Agatha Christie's famous Poison Garden is mentioned as Shay has some poisonous plants, too, and I loved that reference!

An entertaining and quick read! Perfect for anyone who enjoys paranormal cozy mysteries!

Thank you to Kensington Books for the gifted ARC. I enjoyed it!

My steep was Pink Moment Pixie from Club Magic Hour A flavorful herbal with apples, oranges, rosehips, elderberry, hibiscus, tangerine flavors, and more.

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