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Murder in Masquerade

Book two in the Lady of Letters Mysteries is a delight!

Murder in Masquerade by Mary Winters

Thank you to Berkley Publishing for the free book! #berkleypartner

Widowed Victorian-era Countess Amelia has a secret: she writes an advice column for a London penny paper under the penname Lady Agony. Handsome Marquis, Simon asks Amelia to help prevent his sister from marrying a scoundrel and save his family from scandal. When things take an unexpected turn, and the scoundrel in question does not survive a night at the theatre, Amelia ends up dealing with more than she bargained for.

I have not read the first book in this series, and while this works as a stand-alone, I enjoyed it so much that I want to go back and see how Amelia's story began! This was a delightful historical mystery! Well-plotted and intriguing, this has lovely characters and a dash of romance.

I loved Amelia's character. She was a resourceful sleuth and a clever secret advice columnist. Each chapter opens with one of her columns and her witty and spot-on replies to readers. I could honestly read an entire book of just those, especially the ones that cause the occasional stir! Amelia is candid, intelligent, and skilled at navigating Victorian society. Her budding romance with Simon is full of chemistry, and the shenanigans and situations they find themselves in are fun. The writing style is engaging and features witty dialogue, vivid scenes, well-rounded characters, and period details mixed with a few twists to make for an entertaining read! If you enjoy historical mysteries, you'll want to add this one to your tbr!

My steep was Almond Sugar Cookie tea from Simpson & Vail. This delicious dessert tea is one of my all-time faves!



Extra, extra, read all about it! Countess turned advice columnist Amelia Amesbury finds herself playing the role of sleuth when a night at the theatre turns deadly.

Victorian Countess Amelia Amesbury’s secret hobby, writing an advice column for a London penny paper, has gotten her into hot water before. After all, Amelia will do whatever it takes to help a reader in need. But now, handsome marquis Simon Bainbridge desperately requires her assistance. His beloved younger sister, Marielle, has written Amelia's Lady Agony column seeking advice on her plans to elope with a man her family does not approve of. Determined to save his sister from a scoundrel and the family from scandal, Simon asks Amelia to dissuade Marielle from the ill-advised gambit.

But when the scoundrel makes an untimely exit after a performance of Verdi’s Rigoletto, Amelia realizes there’s much more at stake than saving a young woman’s reputation from ruin. It’s going to take more than her letter-writing skills to help the dashing marquis, mend the familial bond, and find the murderer. Luckily, solving problems is her specialty!

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