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Murder Most Royal

It's Christmastime at Sandringham in S.J. Bennett's third installment of Her Majesty The Queen Investigates Mysteries.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip are both getting over a virus but are looking forward to a family Christmas at Sandringham when news comes that a severed hand has been found nearby. The Queen recognizes the signet ring and another distinguishing feature about the hand. With the help of her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodi, Her Majesty embarks on yet another murder investigation and fears the murderer may be a member of her inner circle.

Another entertaining installment in this charming series! The premise is so intriguing to me: Queen Elizabeth II is an amateur sleuth, but she must be discreet, so she partners with her trusted secretary, Rozie, who is ex-military. These characters are strong, intelligent FMCs with different strengths who work together beautifully. Rozie is now more comfortable in her interactions with the Queen, and their relationship is growing in a way that delights the reader as much it as Her Majesty. And I enjoyed that the Queen got a bit more involved in this investigation than in the previous books. Prince Phillip chimes in occasionally with a funny quip or humorous banter with the Queen; in this one, we meet Prince Charles and Princess Anne, who also have a fun scene!

The mystery is intricately plotted, and with several secondary characters, there are lots of potential suspects. A few twists, scandals, and secrets kept me engaged and guessing.

Well-researched, the world-building is fascinating and rich in detail. It feels like you are behind the scenes, viewing the inner workings of the royal household and offices. This one moves the action to lovely Sandringham, and I loved that it was set during Christmas!

Intelligent, unique, and well-written, mystery lovers will want to add this one to their tbr!

Thank you to NetGalley and William Morrow Books for the gifted ARC.

My steep was Cozy Comfort from Simpson & Vail, a black walnut and cinnamon-flavored black tea.


Evidence that an aristocrat has gone missing—and was possibly murdered—near Sandringham House sets Queen Elizabeth II on the path to discover unsavory family secrets and much more in this new installment of the series the New York Times Book Review calls "sheer entertainment."

Queen Elizabeth II is looking forward to a traditional Christmas gathering with her family in Sandringham when a shocking discovery interrupts holiday plans. A severed hand has been found—but even more unsettling, she recognizes the signet ring still attached to a finger. It belongs to a scion of the St Cyr family, her old friends from nearby Ladybridge Hall. Despite the personal connection, the Queen wants to leave the investigation to the police—that is, until newspapers drag her name into the matter.

As reporters speculate about the proximity of the crime to the Crown and the police fail to investigate a suspicious accident on her doorstep, Elizabeth quietly begins to mull over the mystery herself. With help from her Assistant Private Secretary, Rozie Oshodi, she delves into the interlocking layers of fact and fiction surrounding the high-profile case. Someone in the quiet county of Norfolk seems to have a secret worth killing for, and the Queen is determined to find out who and what that is—even if that means discovering that someone in her close circle is a murderer.

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