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New Sci-Fi Thiller from Blake Crouch

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Blake Crouch is back with a new thriller about human Upgrade through DNA tinkering

Upgrade was my first book by Blake Crouch, and it will not be my last! A twisty sci-fi thriller with a frightening and thought-provoking plot involving the manipulation of human genetics or "upgrades."

Logan Ramsey works for the GPA - Gene Protection Agency. He and his colleagues track down rogue scientists who engage in gene editing. Logan's deceased mother, Miriam, was a brilliant scientist whose work left a dark and devastating legacy. And then, strange things start happening to Logan. His senses are sharpening, his abilities and intelligence are increasing, and his strength is growing. Logan's genome has been hacked, and he's now been upgraded. But by whom and for what purpose? Logan's new strengths make him the perfect person to figure that out. So he faces a race against the clock to stop a dangerous and potentially deadly plot targeting all humanity.

An action-packed story with an intriguing take on climate issues and the human condition, this book chillingly ponders human genetic engineering as well as scientific hubris and ethics. Set in the near future, the ethical questions it raises are insightful and timely. It's an imaginative, well-researched, and exciting read. Ideal summer reading that would make a great screen adaptation! I thoroughly enjoyed and cannot wait to read more by this author! Thank you to NetGalley, Random House Publishing Group Ballentine for this gifted ARC, all opinions are my own.

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