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Peg and Rose Solve a Murder

Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls? Yes, please!

Peg and Rose Solve a Murder by Laurien Berenson has been described as Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls, and that's a pretty spot-on description! A spin-off of Berenson's popular Melanie Travis Mysteries, this is a fun read!

Peg and Rose are sister-in-laws who have not gotten along well in the past, with some regret about that. Peg, a show-dog breeder, and judge, and Rose, a former nun, are opposites who will have to put 40 years of differences aside to uncover a killer. Rose asks Peg to be her partner in a Bridge group. Sounds innocent enough, but a whole lot of shady stuff is going on with this Bridge group, including murder.

The dynamic between Peg and Rose did remind me a bit of The Golden Girls. Peg is a bit brash and Rose a bit naive, but both are opinionated and engage in verbal sparring with each other. The relationship and banter between Peg and Rose were the stars of this show. Even though the mystery is solid and well-plotted, and the book moved at a good pace, I'd say this is more character-driven than plot-driven. Seeing the relationship between Peg and Rose evolve alongside a murder investigation was entertaining. These two ladies are a hoot, and now that we know what a good crime-fighting team they make, I'll gladly read more of their shenanigans! And, all the dogs in the book were a big plus for this dog-lover!

Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for the opportunity to review this ARC. I enjoyed it!

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From the Blurb:

Murder, She Wrote meets The Golden Girls in the award-winning author's brand-new series! Two cantankerous septuagenarians, opposites in every way, put aside their differences to stop a killer… if they don't throttle each other first!

Rose Donovan looks for the good in everyone. With her sister-in-law, Peg, that sometimes requires a lot of searching. Even a sixty-something former nun like Rose has her limits, and gruff Peg Turnbull sure knows how to push them. But after forty years of bickering, they're attempting to start over, partnering up to join the local bridge club.

Peg and Rose barely have a chance to celebrate their first win before one of the club's most accomplished players is killed in his home. As the newest members, the sisters-in-law come under scrutiny and decide to start some digging of their own. Bridge is typically seen as a wholesome pastime, yet this group of senior citizens harbors a wealth of vices, including gambling, cheating, and adultery . . .

By comparison, Peg and Rose's fractious relationship is starting to feel almost functional. But as their suspect list narrows, they're unaware that their logic has a dangerous flaw. And they'll have to hope that their teamwork holds steady when they're confronted by a killer who's through with playing games . . .

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