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Pride and Preston Lin

Christina Hwang Dudley writes a charming retelling!

Thank you to Christina Hwang Dudley, Third State Books and Austen Prose for my spot on this tour and beautiful, gifted copy of Pride and Preston Lin by Christina Hwang Dudley. Out now! 


Lissie is the middle of three sisters, orphaned and taken in by their aunt and uncle. Both she and her older sister, Jenny, work in the family restaurant while pursuing their education and career dreams. When Lissie accidentally serves a dish containing shellfish paste to an allergic customer, she runs afoul of the wealthy Lin family. Their golden boy, Preston, star swimmer and Stanford Ph.D. student, is as handsome as he is self-righteous. Lissie hates him and everything he stands for, but circumstances keep bringing them together. Can she overcome her pride and her initial misgivings about Preston Lin and his condescending mother? Will love prevail, and will these enemies turn into lovers?



This retelling of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice pays a lovely homage and references to the source material yet has a distinctive voice and stands on its own. It is set in modern-day San Francisco within the Bay Area's Chinese community and features an enemies-to-lovers rom-com energy. It is lighthearted in tone and features vividly described settings, family dynamics, and many cultural traditions. 

Lissie possesses a determined, vibrant, and slightly sassy demeanor. Currently, she is working on her college senior thesis centered around Pride and Prejudice. Interestingly, I couldn't help but chuckle at how Lissie was well-versed in the story but unaware of how closely it paralleled her own life. Preston is undeniably swoon-worthy. I particularly enjoyed the author's clever use of easter eggs, including character names, plot points from the original depicted in unexpected ways or scenes, and other subtle details such as place names. However, readers don't need to be familiar with the original to enjoy this!

My steep was Jane Austen blend from Simpson Vail Tea

A black tea with spearmint, lavender and vanilla, this is delicious hot or iced!

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