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Serabelle: Where The Wealthy Come To Play

Visit Bar Harbor circa 1913 with Tavi Taylor Black's latest novel


Thank you to TLC Book Tours, author Tavi Taylor Black and publisher Black Rose Writing for my spot on this tour and gifted copy of Serabelle by Tavi Taylor Black 

Available Now!

I love historical fiction, and cannot wait to dive into this one, it is set in an era I don't read enough of, and promises a strong FMC, a look at the suffrage movement, and dark humor. Sounds intruguing! 


Bar Harbor, Maine. 1913. Mabel Rae is smart, reckless, and naïve. So when the ambitious seventeen-year-old joins the staff at a rocky cliffside cottage, she willingly lets the boisterous estate owner's improper advances sweep her off her feet. And the slender young woman dismisses the vulnerability of her position when she discovers she's pregnant with his unacknowledged child.

Brought harshly down to earth after she's caught up in the machinations of a family feud, Mabel decides it's time to take matters into her own hands. But with no money and few rights, she fears a forced marriage to the brutish gardener is her only socially acceptable option.

Is her future forever stunted, or can she become a beacon of change?

In a classic upstairs-downstairs tale, award-winning author Tavi Taylor Black spins an intricate web of idealism's battle against harsh reality. Set at a time when suffrage was at its height, temperance was gaining momentum, and war loomed in Europe, this spellbinding novel shines a light on inequities we still face today.

Serabelle is a darkly humorous work of historical fiction. If you like intricate  elationships, lyrical prose, and stories that tackle serious issues, then you'll love Tavi Taylor Black's vivid portrait of the Gilded Age.

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