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Seven Rules for Breaking Hearts

The debut novel from Kristyn J. Miller makes her a rom-com author to watch!

Margo and Jo are best friends who have a podcast about staying single and hooking up without catching feelings. But Jo has decided to get married and take up a sponsor's offer of an all-expense paid wedding trip to Catalina Island, and now they have disappointed listeners to appease. While deciding how to handle the upcoming season of the podcast, Margo's brainstorm is to stage an experiment where she breaks all of her dating rules. As her test subject, Margo chooses Declan, the smug best man, thus ensuring she will not develop feelings for him. Declan is her old high school nemesis, so when, despite everything, Margo starts to have feelings for him, will she break her own rules to let him in?

This cute, lighthearted enemies-to-lovers story is a breezy, well-written romantic comedy that would make a good beach or poolside read.

Margo witnessed her parent's marriage end badly and has actively avoided committed relationships. She is so skeptical of relationships that she's turned that skepticism into a livelihood, and her dating rules aren't just self-protective; they are part of her brand. But, as events throw her for a loop, she must decide whether those rules still serve her. Add in Margo's initial experiment with Declan, and this gave me a bit of How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days vibes. Margo and Declan were adorable together, and I enjoyed their witty banter. Presented in a mixed-media format with podcast snippets, social media, emails, etc., you also get a behind-the-scenes look at podcasting and influencer life. The beautiful setting and some spice round out a story that feels modern and timely. I will be looking forward to Miller's next book!

Thank you to NetGalley and St. Martin's Press, St. Martin's Griffin, for the opportunity to review this ARC!

My steep was iced Raspberry Razz Matazz black tea from Savoy Tea Co, with a twist of lemon.


Love breaks all the rules.

Margo Anderson is sworn off commitment. Alongside her best friend Jo, she runs a viral podcast featuring rules for hooking up without catching feelings. So when Jo surprises her by deciding to get married and takes up a sponsor's offer to host an all-expenses-paid wedding trip on Catalina Island, they have the whole internet to answer to.

In a scramble for content to appease their disappointed listeners, Margo cooks up a social experiment: break all her own dating rules, just to prove that it's a bad idea. And she's found the best man for the job in the groom's best friend and her old high school nemesis, Declan Walsh. He may be easier on the eyes than Margo remembered, but he's sure to be as smug and annoying as he was before. There is no chance Margo will ever catch feelings for him…until she does.

The more time they spend together through cake tastings and wedding party activities, Margo can't ignore their obvious spark, and she may actually be enjoying getting to know Declan. But can she let go of the rules to let him in?

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