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Six Sweets Under

A sweet new culinary cozy mystery series from bestselling author Sarah Fox!

Read This: Six Sweets Under by Sarah Fox, the first in a brand new culinary cozy series called the True Confections Mysteries.

Becca Ransom has left her Hollywood and her TV career behind her to return home to Larch Haven, Vermont, to work as a chocolatier and help run her family's confection shop. Larch Haven is billed as the Venice of North America, as there are canals instead of roads and gondolas instead of cars. The annual gondola races are about to begin when Becca's grandfather, Pops, has a public argument with the local curmudgeon, who later turns up dead and floating in one of the canals. Becca knows Pops is innocent and sets out to prove it.

Such a cute cozy! From the small-town setting, complete with gossiping grannies, delicious treats, a librarian best friend, and two rescue cats, this incorporates all the traditional cozy elements and serves up the charm! As this is the first in a series, there's a fair amount of description and world-building, but the pace picks up and delivers quite a dramatic reveal of the murderer!

Because I like to become invested in a series, the relationships depicted in cozies are important to me. Fortunately, close-knit relationships are a strength of this book. Becca's with her best friend, Dizzy, who helps her investigate, comes out of the gate strong, as do the ties between Becca and her grandparents and Becca's brother and his husband. Becca is likable, and being a fairly recognizable TV actress is a fun touch. But, then, I fell in love with the unique and picturesque setting, its quaint cottages, and the town built on waterways rather than roads. A fairly large suspect pool keeps you guessing, as do the threads of an old, unsolved mystery. Overall, a promising start to a new series, and I look forward to the next one!

Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing for the opportunity to review this ARC. I enjoyed it!

And Steep: Days of Heaven by August Uncommon Tea. A chamomile tisane with rhubarb and lemon verbena. Delicious and super cozy!


Former actress Becca Ransom lived her dream in Hollywood for seven years before returning to her hometown of Larch Haven, Vermont. Known as the Venice of North America, Larch Haven has canals instead of roads, gondolas instead of cars, and charming cottages that look like they were plucked from the pages of a fairy tale. It’s also where Becca is pursuing her newest passion as a chocolatier at True Confections, the chocolate shop owned by her grandparents, Lolly and Pops.

While Becca’s testing new flavors and reconnecting with old friends, the town is gearing up for the annual Gondola Races, popular with both residents and tourists, with one exception. Local curmudgeon Archie Smith wants nothing more than to keep tourists away from Larch Haven. He’s determined to derail this year’s event and does his best to stir up trouble for the organizers, including Becca’s grandfather.

Following a heated argument with Pops, Archie is found floating face-down in the canal, and Pops finds himself in hot water as one of the top suspects. Becca’s determined to clear her grandfather’s name, but when the case heats up, she could be facing a sticky end.

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