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Spring Harvest

Bestselling author Rektok Ross returns with a supernatural thriller!


Thank you to TLC Book Tours and author Rektok Ross for my spot on this tour and the beautiful gifted copy and fun promo box for Spring Harvest.

Out now! Happy Pub Week!

I love a vampire story, and I'm enjoying this unique spin on the genre. I am a few chapters in, and this is so much fun already. I am enjoying the descriptive and engaging writing, as well as the the campy horror flick vibes. The idea of a thriller centered around vampires at a music festival has the makings of a page-turner and I'm already talking out loud to the characters in the book—telling them to heed the warnings and turn around! 


Coachella meets "The Vampire Diaries" in this absolutely addictive supernatural thriller where friends at a rural music festival must survive a vampire siege.

Beautiful, confident, and freshly single Alix Summerlin and her friends are ready for the ultimate party weekend at the Garlic Groove Music Festival in remote little farm town Allium Valley. Her biggest worries are what designer outfits to wear each night and managing the post-breakup tension with her sweet-but-brooding ex, Logan. But when festival-goers start vanishing, and Kade—a mysterious, handsome stranger—warns Alix to flee town, she begins to suspect something sinister is at work.

As the festival descends into chaos, Alix discovers the town's dark secret. Bloodthirsty vampires, emboldened by a garlic-less spring harvest, have taken over. With almost everyone dead or captured, it's up to Alix, along with Logan and Kade, to save Allium Valley. But Kade is also keeping secrets. Can Alix really trust him? The stakes have never been higher as Alix finds herself in a deadly game of survival with the world's fate on the line.

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