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The Confidence Games

Tess Amy's debut novel pulls off the heist with two fabulous FMCs!

I love a good heist story and was excited to read this! It was fast-paced and action-packed, with a bit of a mystery and two fabulously badass FMCs. You have to suspend reality for this high-stakes adventure, but it's an entertaining read. The writing is descriptive, the plot clever, and this reads much like a movie. I enjoyed the suspense and twists, and Nellie and Emma are two very likable con artists. They have such a great friendship, and I really rooted for them. This story also has a lot of heart, touching on deeper themes like trauma and found family. But what really clinched this for me was the fantastic ending! This is a debut novel, and I will happily read whatever the author writes next. Escapist and enjoyable, this is a fun summer read!

Thank you, Berkley Publishing for the free book! #BerkleyPartner

Pub Day: July 9, 2024

288 pages


Two female con artists must pull off the ultimate heist in this rollicking caper from a dazzling new voice.

Emma Oxley and Nellie Yarrow have been inseparable their whole lives. Ever since they reinvented themselves, changing their names and wiping clean their digital footprints, they have made a game of following wherever the next adventure leads and challenging themselves to thefts, street cons, and mind games.

Adhering to only two rules—they will only swindle men, and only ones who deserve it—Emma and Nellie are secure in their reputation as the most trustworthy swindlers on the European black market. Until suddenly, they must play to save their own lives.

Blackmailed into stealing a priceless bracelet from a high-security exhibit, Emma will reexamine everything she believed to be true. This heist takes her far beyond her comfort zone...and she and Nellie will need allies among the glitzy bejeweled gathering in London in order to survive. Will they be able to do the right thing before it's too late?

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