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The Cornish Campsite Murder

Fiona Leitch takes us to a seaside music festival for her latest murder mystery!

This is one of my favorite cozy mystery series, so it's my #FridayFavorite today! Leitch delivers another well-plotted, quirky, intriguing mystery with great characters and witty dialogue.

Caterer and former Met police officer Jodie "Nosey" Parker and her fiance, DCI Nathan Withers, reluctantly agree to help run a food truck at a multi-day seaside music festival. Jodie's almost 16-year-old daughter and her mother are along as well. When a member of the headlining band dies under suspicious circumstances, Jodie and Nathan are thrust into an investigation to find the culprit.

A closed-circle mystery, the music festival campsite was an interesting setting. It presented a few challenges to the investigation and to Jodie as a parent, as her teenage daughter was attending the festival. Leitch shows Jodie juggling and thinking about her many roles: mother, romantic partner, daughter, caterer, and sleuth, making her relatable. Jodie's internal monologues offer observations that are insightful and witty. Jodie and the recurring characters are warm and welcoming, and her mother is a hoot! I love spending time in Cornwall with them.

I also enjoy the dynamic between Jodie and Nathan. Their partnership is refreshing as Jodie works with law enforcement and is part of the official investigation in an auxiliary manner. They complement each other well, sharing light-hearted banter and sweet chemistry. Because of Jodie and Nathan's professional backgrounds, there's also a nice dash of procedural mixed into this story while remaining cozy. This was great fun and kept me turning the pages. I can't wait for the next one!

Thank you to Harper Collins UK One More Chapter for the free book!

The Cornish Campsite Murder by Fiona Leitch

Pub Day: June 28, 2024

267 pages

Book 7 in the Nosey Parker Mysteries

My steep was iced Wild Maine Blueberry Black Tea from Bar Harbor Tea Co. I love this as is or with a twist of lemon


Just along the coast from Penstowan, the local festival has filled the area. Former Met police officer, Jodie' Nosey' Parker, has agreed to step in and help run the Pie Hard food truck, along with her rather reluctant fiancé, DCI Nathan Withers.

As they prepare for a weekend of camping and being elbow deep in shortcrust pastry, Jodie hadn't bargained on witnessing a fight between members of the lead band.

But when the body of one of the band members is found not far from the campsite, Jodie finds it hard to believe it was an accident. Especially when the other members had so much to gain…

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