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The Garden of Lost Secrets

Kelly Bowen writes a compelling and beautiful work of historical fiction!

1940-Stasia has gone from the comfort of her grandparents' French countryside home to being one of the most hunted agents of the Resistance. She thinks of home as a safe haven but might still need to accomplish a mission.

Present day-Isabelle buys a French chateau in disrepair, hoping that her sister Emilie and she can reconnect while renovating. They end up uncovering a mystery and secrets related to the fairy-tale books written by their great-grandmother Stasia.

Well-researched and full of period details, this was an immersive and emotional read based on a true story. It's got romance, heroism, and a coming-of-age story. These are set against the perils of WWII and the ensuing intrigue, danger, and secrets, and some of the war scenes are disturbing and graphic, in keeping with historical accuracy. I love historical fiction featuring revolutionary women, and Stasia fits the bill. She was a very well-developed and fascinating character, and I was intrigued by uncovering her secrets alongside her great-granddaughters and her love story with Nicholas. Stasia's story highlighted the bravery and fortitude of the people who were part of the French Resistance during WWII. This was my first book by this author, but it will not be my last! I really enjoyed it and recommended it to historical fiction lovers!

Thank you to Forever Publishing for my gifted ARC!

My steep was 4 Fruits Rouge by Dammann Freres, a black tea flavored with cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and red currant.


Two sisters discover the fairy tales written by their great-grandmother during WWII in this riveting tale of one woman's secrets lost in the chaos of war—perfect for fans of Julia Kelly and Natasha Lester.

1940 - Stasia always found comfort in the idyllic French countryside where she spent her childhood summers, roaming the gardens of an old chateau and finding inspiration for fairy tales full of bravery and adventure. But these days are much darker, and with Nazis storming across Europe, she soon finds herself one of the most hunted agents of the Resistance. The only safe haven she can think of is Chateau de Montissaire. But she's about to discover that it just may be the center of her biggest mission yet.

Present day - When Isabelle purchases a crumbling chateau in Rouen, it's not just a renovation project—it's a chance to reconnect with her sister, Emilie, the only family she has left. What she uncovers instead is an intriguing mystery… As the siblings piece together the incredible truth behind the books written by their great-grandmother Stasia, they discover an exciting story of courage in the face of treachery and an explosive secret that will change everything they believed about their family.

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