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The Hollywood Assistant

May Cobb delivers another wildly entertaining thriller!

Pub Day Review!

I'm a huge fan of May Cobb's books. She writes the most juicy and compelling thrillers, and this one might just be her best yet! I devoured it! It's got Hollywood glamour, scandal, obsession, jealousy, and betrayal.

Cassidy moves from Texas to Los Angeles to become the personal assistant to a handsome, well-known director, Nate Sterling, and his gorgeous, up-and-coming actress wife, Marisol. Things are great at first until the perfect couple's facade shows some cracks. Nate takes an interest in Cassidy, and Marisol has secrets of her own. Things take a turn when Cassidy finds out the real reason she was hired, and when one of them ends up dead, Cassidy finds herself a suspect.

This grabbed me from the start. The story is told before and after the suspicious death, with questions and suspense mounting as the two timelines converge. I enjoy Cobb's writing style. She really sets the scene with this one, with pacing that keeps you on the edge of your seat while delivering some delicious twists. Every single one of the characters came alive. They were complex and exciting. They all created drama and made some questionable decisions, which just fed into the addictive quality of this book. I could not wait to see what they would do next. This was such a fun and wildly entertaining summer thriller!

416 pages

Thank you to Berkley Publishing for the free book!

My steep was Hibiscus Elderberry Cosmic Garden Iced Tea from Club Magic Hour an organic herbal blend of hibiscus, elderberry, apples, rosehips, and strawberry, cherry, and raspberry flavors.


Offered a dream job in Hollywood with a famous director and his actress wife, an insecure woman becomes their personal assistant where their secrets and lies place her in the crosshairs of a murder investigation.

Cassidy Foster is heartbroken, stuck in life, and getting a little too obsessed with plants. Then when a well-connected friend becomes sick of Cassidy’s moping and gets her a gig with famous Hollywood couple, Marisol and Nate Sterling, Cassidy jumps at the chance to move to sunny LA.

The Sterlings are warm and welcoming. A perfect couple. All Cassidy has to do is be available a few hours a week for errands. In return, she has access to luxury: Designer clothes. A sparkling pool. Great pay.

When Nate takes interest in her, asking her to read scripts he’s written, Cassidy thinks this could be the key to kickstarting her writing dreams. As their business relationship grows, so does their attraction. Nate is sexy and talented, and Cassidy can’t believe her luck. Clearly, Marisol doesn’t know what she has. Maybe that’s why the two are always fighting when they think Cassidy isn’t around. 

But Cassidy learns she was hired for a different purpose. The Sterlings aren’t the perfect couple. Marisol isn’t the perfect wife. And when one of them is found dead, Cassidy becomes the perfect suspect.

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