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The Paris Agent

Book Tour and Review for the new book by bestselling author Kelly Rimmer

Thank you to @tlcbooktours @graydonhousebooks and @kelrimmerwrites for my spot on this tour and lovely gifted copy of The Paris Agent.

Pub Day is July 11, 2023.

Very well-researched and immersive, Rimmer delivers vivid settings, intrigue, suspense, mystery, and historical information about SOE operatives during WWII. The story is well-paced, with dual timelines, memorable characters, and multiple POVs deftly woven together for a well-plotted story. As well-written as the book is, it also made me feel so many emotions.

From the opening scene, this story pulls you in emotionally. Rimmer's deeply compelling writing makes you experience and feel what the characters do as they face the danger and horrors of war. There were intense scenes that were heartwrenching to read. But I admired these characters' courage, strength, sacrifice, and relationships. I connected with them from the moment I met them, and the way the story unfolds is beautifully done. This was hard to put down. I highly recommend it to historical fiction fans!

PUBLISHER'S SYNOPSIS: 1970—In the aftermath of his war-ravaged past, Noah Ainsworth is still haunted by memories of his time as a fearless British operative in France. But a critical head injury left Noah with frustrating memory gaps and a burning question that plagues him—who was the agent who saved his life during that tragic final mission?

Determined to find answers, Noah's daughter Charlotte embarks on a quest from their cozy home in Liverpool, leading her to the incredible lives of two ordinary women—Chloe and Fleur—who transformed into fearless spies on foreign soil. But as Charlotte unravels the heroic exploits of these women and their connection to Noah, she inadvertently stumbles upon evidence of a double agent lurking disturbingly close to home, drawing her into a treacherous web of secrets and unearthing a shocking story from those final days of the war.

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