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The Paris Widow

Kimberly Belle pens a new pulse-pounding thriller!

This year, I have been trying authors I haven't read before and have discovered some new faves. Add Kimberly Belle to that list! From the prologue, this had me on the edge of my seat, unable to put it down.

Stella and Adam are enjoying a wonderful vacation in Paris when tragedy strikes. Adam goes missing after an explosion in the city square. And if that isn't bad enough, Stella is stunned to learn from the French police that they have been investigating Adam for dealing in stolen antiquities. Did she really know the man she married? Stella refuses to leave Paris until she knows the full story, but there is danger behind every turn.

'Trust no one,' Stella is repeatedly warned in this action-packed thriller. And as a reader, I found myself unable to trust anyone either. The story twists and turns, revealing secrets and exposing the dark underbelly of those dealing in stolen or "blood" antiquities. Double-crossing, greed, and a high-stakes cat-and-mouse game are all set against a backdrop of fabulous places like Paris and Amsterdam. As an art lover, I was fascinated by the parts dealing with art and antiquities. I even googled a specific ring mentioned in the book, and it was real, as was its theft. Belle clearly did a lot of research.

I had so much fun reading this! It was well-plotted, suspenseful, and entertaining. I flew through it!

Out today! Happy Pub Day!

304 pages

Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing, Park Row Books and The Hive for the free book!

My steep was iced Sour Strawberry Lemonade Rooibos Herbal Tisane from Simpson Vail Tea a refreshing and fruity iced tea!


A dream vacation turns deadly when secrets from the past catch up to a married couple in Paris in this new edge-of-your-seat thriller from USA Today bestselling author, Kimberly Belle.

When Stella met Adam, she thought she had finally found a nice, normal guy—a welcome change from her previous boyfriend and her precarious jetsetter lifestyle with him. But her secure world comes crashing down when Adam goes missing after an explosion in the city square. Unable to reach him, she panics. 

As the French police investigate, it’s revealed that Adam was on their radar as a dealer of rare and stolen antiquities with a long roster of criminal clients. Reeling from this news, Stella is determined not to leave Paris until she has the full story. Was Adam a random victim or the target of the explosion? And why is someone following her through the streets of Paris?

An irresistible, fast-paced read set in some of Europe’s most inviting locales, The Paris Widow explores how sinister secrets of the past stay with us—no matter how far we travel.

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