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The Unraveling

Vi Keeland's debut thriller is unputdownable!

I recommend you go in blind on this one, so I'll keep my review short and sweet to avoid spoilers, and there will be no synopsis on this post!


The Unraveling is perfectly titled, and I binged it. It is a fast-paced, sharply written, tense and twisty psychological thriller. Keeland is best known for writing romance, and this is her debut thriller. I can see why she's so popular. Her storytelling is addictive, and in this one, the short chapters propel the suspense. Keeland gradually reveals just enough to keep you riveted but never entirely pulls back the curtain, keeping you guessing to the very end and for a little while after you finish! This is unhinged, spicy, and unpredictable. The characters cross all sorts of boundaries and display very questionable behavior. They are vividly depicted, especially FMC Meredith, yet they also remain enigmas for most of the story. I felt constantly off-balance, and my theories and suspicions shifted so many times that I lost count. I finally quit trying to figure this out and just enjoyed the wild ride. What an entertaining guilty pleasure of a read and so much fun!

Thank you to Atria Books Emily Bestler Books for the free book!

My steep was Mandalay by Mariage Freres from The Cultured Cup A black tea with sunflower petals, this has notes of spice, floral and vanilla.

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