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The Witch Hitch


Thank you so much to TLC Book Tours, Kensington Books, BTC Books, and @lizireland_author for my spot on this tour and gifted ARC of The Witch Hitch!

Out now! And the perfect addition to your spooky season tbr!

I am excited to share this book with you! Elizabeth Bass also writes the wonderful and imaginative Mrs. Claus cozy mysteries under the name of Liz Ireland. She's one of my fave cozy mystery writers and just a fantastic writer. Her world-building is excellent and really immerses you in the story. The Witch Hitch is book two in her A Cupcake Coven Romance series, and I will be picking up book one as soon as I finish this. I love a cute witchy romance, and this one also has a time travel element and quirky characters. It is giving me cozy magic vibes, and is fun reading so far!


Lots of people get pre-wedding jitters, but Bailey Tomlin's are a bit extreme. Paranoia . . . the sudden ability to communicate with her pet parrot . . . something odd is definitely happening. And while Bailey searches for the perfect dress, she discovers the unexpected reason her birth mother, Esme, is an actual witch, part of a magical clan in the neighboring town of Zenobia, New York. Esme insists that Bailey, too, has witch blood in her veins. That's not going to play well with Bailey's uptight future in-laws . . .

Then there's Seton Adderbury, the man Esme somehow conjured into the present day from 1929, and who keeps crashing into Bailey's plans. In addition to figuring out seating charts and boutonnieres, Bailey now has to navigate her new witch family, keep an unseen enemy from hexing the ceremony, placate her fiancé, and get Seton back to his own time. But Seton doesn't know if he wants to go back. And though Bailey's about to marry someone else—someone who isn't technically 130 years old—it's just possible she doesn't want Seton to go back either . . .

My steep is Apple Cinnamon Coffee Cake tea from Simpson and Vail. This black tea blend tastes like dessert and between this book and this tea, I'm ready for Fall!

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