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Vinyl Resting Place

Olivia Blacke brings us a new cozy series set in small town Texas. And y'all, its a lot of fun!

In this clever and perfectly titled cozy, Juniper "Juni" Jessup moves home to Texas from Oregon and, with her two older sisters, opens a record/coffee shop in their small hometown outside of Austin. Unfortunately, they find a dead body in their supply closet during their grand-opening celebration. Then, making matters worse, their uncle is arrested for the murder. The sisters believe in his innocence and put up their record store as collateral for his bail. When he skips town, Juni sets out to find him, hoping to clear his name and save the store. To top things off, Juni's ex-boyfriend keeps popping up, mostly because he's the detective in the official investigation of the case!

As a Texan, once Whataburger was mentioned in the story, I decided right then and there that I liked this book a lot! However, there is much more to love than regional fast food in this one. Juni is a likable amateur sleuth with an enviable collection of vintage concert tees, surrounded by a group of quirky secondary characters. The world-building is fun, especially the punny coffee drink names based on well-known songs and the small-town atmosphere, complete with nosy neighbors. I really loved the record store setting, the vibe of it, and all the musical references. The mystery takes some twists and turns, and I enjoyed being along for the ride.

Blacke was a new author to me, and I liked her writing style. I'll not only be keeping up with this series but also looking up her other cozy series. Cozy lovers will want to add this one to their tbrs!

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for the opportunity to review this ARC.

My steep was Keep Austin Fruity herbal from White Cloud World Teas in Austin, TX. A hibiscus and rosehip blend with elderberry, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I love this blend on ice! Visit to learn more.

Synopsis: First in a new series by Olivia Blacke, Vinyl Resting Place follows three sisters who discover that opening a family business can be murder.

"A charming cozy for a new generation of mystery readers . . . Vinyl Resting Place is a delight!" –Elle Cosimano, USA Today bestselling author of Finlay Donovan Is Killing It

When Juni Jessup and her sisters Tansy and Maggie put all their beans in one basket to open Sip & Spin Records, a record-slash-coffee shop in Cedar River, Texas, they knew there could be some scratches on the track, but no one was expecting to find a body deader than disco in the supply closet.

Family is everything to the Jessups, so when their uncle is arrested by Juni's heartbreaking ex on suspicion of murder, the sisters don't skip a beat putting Sip & Spin up for bail collateral. But their tune changes abruptly when Uncle Calvin disappears, leaving them in a grind. With their uncle's freedom and the future of their small business on the line, it's up to Juni and her sisters to get in the groove and figure out whodunit before the killer's trail―and the coffee―goes cold.

Music and mocha seem like a blend that should be "Knockin' On Heaven's Door," but caught up in a murder investigation with her family and their life savings on the line, Juni wonders if she might be on the "Highway to Hell" instead.

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